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Dua Lipa Brings Truly on Tour

The Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia Tour started early February in Miami at FTX Arena and the global tour will end November 3rd in New Zealand. One brand getting tons of exposure during this tour is Truly Hard Seltzer as they are the presenting sponsor for her live stream concert “Truly Inspired.” After the first few concerts through February, Truly not only is the presenting sponsor of the digital concert but has been seen at the concert with massive LED branding in the arenas that says “Fresh Seafood & Cocktails, Yours Truly.” 

Truly and Dua Lipa signed a partnership in May of 2021 where she was the star of their new campaign at the time, “No One is Just One Flavor.” Since then, Dua Lipa has been in commercials for Truly as well as consistently posting on social media while tagging the brand.

The global superstar also has endorsement deals with Versace and Taco Bell. Dua Lipa was seen in a campaign dressed up with a Versace bag as well as starring on the runway during a fashion show for the brand as well as being the face for the brand on billboards wearing items with the logo. In her partnership with Taco Bell, Lipa can be seen in a commercial during the Super Bowl in 2022. 

Among all Pop Music Artists, Lipa is ranked #18 in total social following with over 104 million followers while growing 30% year-over-year. Compared to the top five pop music artists ranked by social following, Dua Lipa ranks second in highest average engagement rate per branded post with a 1.82%, just behind Selena Gomez who has a 2.65% avg. engagement.

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