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Game Ball Activations Trumping Game Play

The Global sporting world is gripping social media with their creative and unique ways for game ball deliveries with brand sponsorships fueling them. Most recently in the Betfred Rugby League, a child driving a mini car sponsored by Halliwell Jones, a local dealership in North West England, delivered the game ball before in an activation turned into comedy taking the twitter world by storm.

This follows the mini Volkswagen automobile that was remote controlled and delivered the game ball during the Italy vs. Turkey match in the UEFA Euros 2020. The activation generated buzz globally as it was the first global event where a unique ball delivery was seen, although not the first. In December of 2020, SponsorUnited tracked the KFC Big Bash League, an Australian cricket league, had the game ball delivered via drone.

With these unique ways of sponsoring the game ball deliveries and technology continuing to advance, one can assume the creative ways to engage fans before, during and after games will become stronger and open doors for new partnership collaborations.

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