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Rihanna was the #1 artist in 2021 for total engagement on promoted social posts, delivering 210M likes/shares while promoting Boots UKSavage X Fenty: Lingerie by Rihanna and others.

Female artist reach in general is on another level: The combined 261 teams/league followers of the NFL, EPL, NBA, La Liga, Serie A, MLB, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, NHL, MLS still wouldn’t exceed the top 10 most popular female artists (3.11B vs. 2.99B).

And just to run up the score, female artists deliver 2.7X the engagement on branded posts vs. their male counterparts, engaging an average of 1.0% of their followers on posts that include brands, vs. 0.37%.On average, each music artist signs more than 3 endorsement deals while the top brand signing music artists is Pepsi.

According to the SponsorUnited Technology Sponsorships Report, Music Artists & Entertainers are making big moves in the virtual 3D space. Music Artists and Entertainment Influencers have stepped onto a new virtual stage, one that could very well shape the future of how we consume live music events. Ariana Grande is the latest example of this having partnered with Fortnite to create the “Rift Tour” allowing players to have an in-game concert experience.

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