Sponsor Insights

Out of Home Activations

Out Of Home (OOH) properties have been getting more use and visibility in the sponsorship world due to the unique ways brands have been able to leverage this asset. A wide variety of brands leverage OOH through car (and city bus) wraps, sponsorship logo placements and elevated activities. The OOH industry has been on the incline due to the power of technology (ever heard of 3D printing?). Here are some insights into how OOH properties—and how some brands are taking their marketing campaigns to the next level.

Overall, the Out Of Home Property sponsorship is growing more now than ever. You will not only see these sponsorships in airports but you will see them in malls, bike shares and outdoor advertising. This side of sponsorship is increasing now more than ever and the start of this big part of sponsorship has just scratched the surface. 

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