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Earlier last month, SponsorUnited launched SalesUniversity, a 20-week program designed to pave the way and open doors for the next great generation of sponsorship sellers. 

In servicing all sides of the industry, SponsorUnited has seen the need from rights-holders to find better trained entry-level sponsorship sales talent and a need from entry-level sales candidates to gain more in-depth experience, technical training and ultimately, job opportunities.

Because of this, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of an elite new program to develop and nurture the next generation of sponsorship sales professionals.

SalesUniversity offers experience, mentorship, networking, technical skills, and role playing with the ultimate goal of unlocking the next wave of sales talent for the sports, esports & entertainment industries. 

 In this 20-week training program, team members will learn to navigate the complex world of sponsorship selling from best-in-class industry leaders and partners.

 We are committed to the growth and success of young sales professionals. If you know anyone interested in getting their foot in the door in sponsorship selling, this program is the perfect fit.

 To learn more about the program and how students or young industry professionals can apply, visit SponsorUniversity.com/SalesUniversity or email us at partners@SponsorUnited.com.



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