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SXSW 2022 is Back In-Person After 2 Years

SXSW kicked off last weekend in Austin, TX and SponsorUnited was on the ground to capture brands activating at the 9 day event. During the events a “huge focus was on the future of media and how rights are going to be divided,” said Daniel Ross from the SponsorUnited Partnerships Team, “brand marketers are paying extremely close attention to consumption patterns by younger generations and doing their best to anticipate where those eyeballs will be.”

Brands are competing for ways to capture GenZ  interest as this generation’s attention economy is limited as they consume content across multiple media platforms at a single time. Brands are constantly trying to determine the best way to reach this audience.

Brand activations SponsorUnited saw breakthrough during the event were from two “Super Sponsors” White Claw and Volkswagen, while other brands like Slack, Audible, Purple, Supergoop, and Blue Jeans also showcased unique activations. Slacks’ on site activation had the longest line every day and was laid out more like a “hangout area” with different interactive games, featured tables and props to keep those in line entertained and engaged. White Claw appeared to have the most activations across multiple areas of the venue so they were always top of mind for the attendees. 

Volkswagen’s activations were strategically placed on highly trafficked streets which were blocked off only to those walking towards it. Many of the brand activations included multiple interactive sections taking attendees to virtual worlds.

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