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Dos Equis | Brand Spotlight

A beer brewed in Mexico, Dos Equis stays close to their roots having over 35 sponsorship or media deals just across the border in southwestern United States. Dos Equis’ largest deal in terms of the number of sponsorship assets is with the NBA’s Phoenix Suns. In this deal, the brand has naming rights to the beer garden inside of the arena, as well as digital signage during games.

However, NCAA earns the spotlight in terms of deals with Dos Equis. 

The Mexican beer has partnership deals with five NCAA Bowls and Tourneys including the Rose Bowl and the Playstation Fiesta Bowl. The brand also has deals with over 15 NCAA Schools and Conferences like the NCAA Football Champions, the Georgia Bulldogs, and The Big Ten Conference.

Aside from Official Sponsorship status, Concourse Signage is in almost 40% of all of the brands sponsorship deals. Venue Entitlements is included in 25% of all sponsorship deals like the Cool Zone in partnership with the Texas A&M Aggies. 

Even with more than 30 sponsorship deals, the import and domestic beer category has many brands with even more partnerships. Dos Equis falls in the top 15 in the category which is led by Bud Light.

Dos Equis Brand Spotlight

Co-Branded Packaging | Beer Brands

Co-Branded Content has evolved over the last few years, and beer brands have been at the forefront of these collaborations. In 2021, 8% of all deals having co-branded content were from Alcohol brands, the top brands being Bud Light, Michelob Ultra & Heineken. In 2020 during the pandemic, the number of co-branded content deals more than doubled from 2019. The rise continued in 2021 with close to 500 brands collaborating on co-branded content, and so far in 2022 over 300 brands have utilized this asset. Only 3 months into 2022, will this number break over 1k come year end?

Michelob Ultra, the Official Beer of the NBA, teamed up with 18 teams across the league for limited-edition NBA cans. Bud Light, the Official Beer of the NFL, keyed in on 29 NFL athletes’ social media channels to show off team packaging for 27 teams ahead of the 2021-22 NFL season. Over 45 Alcohol brands partnered with organizations while more than five Esports teams joined forces with Alcohol brands creating content. adidas and Puma are the two leading brands with Co-Branded content across all properties. Many of these deals with properties come internationally within the Premier League, La Liga 2 and the European Basketball League.

Over 370 properties have begun to create co-branded content in 2022. The opportunity to create unique products, experiences or limited-edition merchandise for fans is vast. 2022 is setting up to be the biggest year yet for brands and properties taking advantage of the uniqueness and fandom that co-branded content creates.

Co-Branded Bottles

Tequila | Sponsorship Lineup

In honor of National Margarita Day, here are the most active tequila brands among all sponsorships & media partnerships: Don Julio, Hornitos Tequila, and El Jimador. Of the 75+ brands tracked, Hornitos was the fastest growing across NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS while Don Julio was the fastest growing within music.

Don Julio signed a deal with Austin FC during their inaugural season in 2021 having six sponsorship assets with the team. The assets they had with the team ranged from signage in the stadium to in-store point of sale activations as well as a sponsored attendee take home item. Don Julio has over 10 sponsorships within the music space including artists having a deal with country music artist, Ingrid Andress.

Hornitos has over 25 sponsorship, media or vendor deals across the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS while more than five of those currently are a sponsorship deal as well. Besides use of marks, TV-visible signage is the most bought asset by the brand as it is included in 35% of deals.

El Jimador is the leading Tequila brand in the MLS with eight deals in 2021, more than doubling the second brand Lunazul Tequila. Their biggest deal in terms of sponsorship assets comes with the MLS Cup Champions, New York City FC. On the digital media front, the two organizations worked together to have a sponsored video on the website and app as well as content sponsored on the Pup Partner page on the website.


Tequila Brands Lineup