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TikTok Emerges on SponsorUnited

TikTok continues to pave the way as a leading social media platform and brands aren’t taking a backseat. As SponsorUnited continues to track TikTok partnerships on the platform, we’ve scouted over 600+ brands taking advantage of the algorithm that lets millions of users view viral videos. Rather than influencers posting static images for their endorsement deals, over 640 influencers have created short form videos in collaboration with their brand partners.

Charli D’Amelio, one of the most famous TikTok stars, has created unique content with her partners. Dunkin’ has received the most traction from the influencers’ posts, with the top post receiving over 6 million likes and 47 million views for the brand. Consumer Products is the leading category for TikTok influencer brand partnerships with almost 20% of TikTok brand deals falling into this category. As for sports, over the last 12 months Major Pro Sports and athletes had over 120 partnerships on TikTok, with that number quickly rising as leagues and players are seeing the value that TikTok influencers are bringing to their younger target market.

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