SponsorUnited provides access to previously inaccessible information on sponsorships, media and brands, to help properties most effectively and efficiently connect and drive revenue

Sponsorship Connected by Data and Tech


Mapping the entire world of sponsorship: every deal, every asset and creative across 100K+ brands and 4000+ properties.


Deep insights on sponsorship deals by Category, Region, Asset, and Sports/Event to best inform all parties on the most optimal ways to partner, execute and validate.


Transactional platform that broadens access to information and speed with which to operate optimally.


Discover the opportunities and key decision-makers, along with live on-demand research to put you in the position to win.


The SponsorUnited platform has been rapidly adopted across sports & entertainment organizations nationwide. Our partners include over half of the major pro sports teams, global brands, agencies, media companies and more. We provide the only platform that includes unique sponsorship data, prospecting tools, and live market research, all to help you find your next great deal.
  • Algorithm-based curation of partnership opportunities that matches brands and properties based on probabilities driven from massive sets of data.
  • Predictive modeling through current and historical analysis of sponsorship campaigns.
  • Massive library of creative & marketing assets to increase likelihood of success.
Planning &
  • Singular, programmatic-like platform to identify, engage, evaluate and buy or sell.
  • Real time data and fluid communication process that shortens sales process.
  • National and regional network allows for cost-effective on-site management and activation of campaigns, with resources intimately familiar with properties.
Verification &
Competitive Analysis
  • Real-time campaign authentication covering all sponsorship elements & media.
  • In-depth analysis & visualization to drive integrated campaigns.
  • Trend, best practice & proprietary audience reporting.
  • Share of voice analysis across properties, category & competitors.
  • Seamless reporting integration to client.


SponsorUnited is the first platform within the $60B sponsorship industry to give brands and properties the ability to identify, buy, sell and execute like digital advertising.