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Coinbase Insights | 2021 Sponsorship Year In Review

Year In Review Coinbase Insight

Coinbase was the most searched cryptocurrency on the SponsorUnited platform this year with a 1,400% increase in views from 2020.

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Cash App Insights | 2021 Sponsorship Year In Review

Cash App | 2021 Sponsorship Year In Review

Cash App recorded the highest branded social media engagement among FinTech brands in 2021.

The most comprehensive overview of the FinTech category deals and insights coming in our 2021 Sponsorship Year In Review!

FinTech | Sponsorship Report

The FinTech category has more than doubled its presence in sponsorships and media since 2019. With 58 new active brands and over 100 new sponsorships.

TheFinTech category led by eToro, PayPal, and Cash App.

FinTech 2020 | Category Report

As SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park nears completion, we take a look at one of the fastest growing categories in business, Fintech.

Despite consistently being in the top 5 of SponsorUnited’s most searched categories, it’s seen a low volume of sponsorship deals compared to the overall finance category.

Wondering why?

Do traditional banks / finance carve out the Fintech space in their deals, making it hard for Fintech to break into the space?

Will this change with the advent of new inventory such as jersey patches and increased broadcast visible signage?