Sponsor Insights

Vitamins & Supplements | Sponsorship Lineup

Brands with the most sponsorships in this Vitamins & Supplements category: G FUEL, Nuun Hydration, and Herbalife Nutrition.

Each brand focuses on different areas as G Fuel dominates the Esports space. Nuun targets endurance events, and Herbalife Nutrition plays heavily in the MLS & European soccer leagues.

Nurse Appreciation | Sponsorship Initiatives

On National Nurse’s Day, we take time to recognize true heroes. The sports and entertainment world created initiatives and activations to support nurses and frontline workers over the last year.

Brands such as Speedway LLC, Keurig, and Kaiser Permanente provided nurses with surprises to show support towards what they do.

Orthopedic | Sponsorship Lineup

The most notable brands in the Orthopedics category are Baptist Health South Florida, Rothman Institute, and St.Vincent Health.

Baptist Health South Florida is the current leader in sponsorship deals across all properties. Official Sponsor and Digital Content assets are the two most popular ways each of these brands activate.


Orthopedic Brands | Sponsorship Report

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine category is growing.

Orthopedics & Sport Medicine brands have high visibility assets with 11 venue naming right deals.

Life & Health Insurance | Category Report

Today we look at the Life & Health Insurance category in sports and entertainment.

More popular than ever, the category is continually ranked in the top 10 most searched categories by SponsorUnited users.

In an effort to gain share of voice over the competition, assets leveraged by this category lean towards brand awareness and equity generation.