Sponsor Insights

Life & Health Insurance | Category Report

Today we look at the Life & Health Insurance category in sports and entertainment.

More popular than ever, the category is continually ranked in the top 10 most searched categories by SponsorUnited users.

In an effort to gain share of voice over the competition, assets leveraged by this category lean towards brand awareness and equity generation.

Insurance – Property & Casualty 2020 | SponsorInsight

As a follow up to today’s SponsorInsights report on the Property & Casualty Insurance category, we go below the surface to hear from the people who’ve sold and activated some of the most compelling sponsorships in the space to hear what advice they’d give to others approaching the space.

Insurance – Property & Casualty 2020 | Category Report

This past week, the most searched category within the sports & entertainment industry amongst sales & activation executives was Property & Casualty Insurance, so we decided to do a bit of deep dive in the space…