Sponsor Insights

Canon Camera | Sponsorship Report


In celebration of World Photography Day this Thursday, we spotlight Canon Inc. and their 30+ partnerships.

Canon has notable deals with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish (NCAA), New York Yankees (MLB), and Manchester United (Soccer).

Audio, Visual, and Wearable | Sponsorship Report

Audio, visual, and wearable consumer electronic products.

Bose Corporation has significant presence with over 100 partnerships in sponsorship / media. Other notable brands include HyperX, Beats by Dre, and GoPro.

Consumer Electronics 2020 | Category Report

This year, Esports surpassed major pro sports in terms of brand participation (not spend) within sponsorship for the Consumer Electronics category.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) led the big 5 leagues in this regard, while Bose Corporation, on the strength of their NFL partnership and player endorsements led on the brand side.